Nevada State Railroad Museum

V&T Coach-Caboose No. 10

Photo of V&T Coach/Caboose  No. 10
V&T No. 10 shown at Wabusca Depot, NSRM

Virginia & Truckee coach No. 10 was built by the Kimball Manufacturing Company of San Francisco in 1873 at a cost of $1,900. Like the earlier coach No. 8 and later coach No. 15, No. 10 worked in caboose and third class passenger service at the end of freight trains. Sometime before 1891, the car was converted into a full coach by removing the side doors and extending the passenger compartment through the former baggage compartment. This was referred to as a miner's car.

The car continued in regular use on freight trains until the downturn in Comstock mine business in the 1890s. After that it was only used occasionally. Coach 10 remained largely unchanged and little used.

In 1938 No. 10 began a new career when Paramount Pictures purchased it for $225 for Cecil B, DeMille's epic Union Pacific. After the movie, No. 10 made a nationwide publicity tour in 1939. No. 10 was sold on November 5, 1971 to Short Line Enterprises, who restored it in 1974/75 to an operable 1902 appearance for movie service. Acquired by the Nevada State Railroad Museum in 1988, No. 10 is presently used in special train service by the museum.

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